GASNAM Recognises NGV Leaders in Spain

| Spain: Madrid

GASNAM awardees 2018As part of the 6th GASNAM Conference, awards have been bestowed upon Spain’s most outstanding companies, institutions and projects in the promotion and diffusion of natural gas as sustainable energy in maritime and land transport. Recipients include SEAT, Iveco, El País and the Basque Government.

The event, held on Wednesday, April 11 during the official event dinner, had about 300 attendees, representatives of companies and institutions and experts from the natural gas sector. The president of GASNAM, José Ramón Freire , was in charge of delivering the awards in its four categories in this first edition of the award.

The winners:

  •  SEAT, in the Innovative Project Category, for its work in the development and evaluation of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles that have used only biomethane obtained from wastewater at the Aqualia plant in Jerez for 30,000 km as fuel. The project has demonstrated an important step in the progress towards sustainability and circular economy, with vehicles and a “made in Spain” fuel. Ramón Calderón, Director of Institutional Relations GNC of SEAT, and Andy Shepherd, Manager of Development of Alternative Fuels of SEAT, accepted the prize.


  • IVECO, in the Business Initiative Category, for its vision of the future of the sector, which places natural gas as the next step towards sustainability. Its latest launch, the IVECO Stralis NP 460, is further proof that natural gas represents the future for sustainable transport and a proven technology for today’s fleets. The award was accepted by Pierre Lahutte Prize, World President of the IVECO brand.


  • El País, in the Divulgative Award Category, for its work in the diffusion of natural gas as a sustainable fuel for mobility, as well as renewable energies and the benefits of natural gas as an ecological and economic fuel for both private use and for long terrestrial and maritime distance. Cristina Delgado, Editor-in-chief of Economics and Rafael de Miguel, Deputy Director of Information of the newspaper, won the prize.


  • Basque Government, in the Institutional Category, for its strong commitment and maximum involvement in the development of initiatives to favor natural gas as a sustainable fuel for mobility and its support for renewable energies, as well as gas storage and process technologies natural. Receiving the award was Aitor Oregi, Director of Energy, Mines and Industrial Administration of the Basque Government.

With this initiative, GASNAM aims to raise awareness both of the business and institutional fabric and of society in general, about the need to promote the use of vehicular natural gas as a real and economic alternative for both terrestrial and maritime transport, as well as an ecological solution for mobility in cities.

GASNAM is the Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Asociación Ibérica de Gas Natural para la Movilidad).

Source: GASNAM

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