GASCOP Peru Opens CNG Station, More Planned

| Peru | Source: CPGNV

The Compressed Gas Company of Peru (GASCOP) has officially opened Chiclayo city’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) service station, reports La Cámara Peruana del Gas Natural Vehicular (CPGNV). Operational since mid-December 2010, GASCOP says up to 70% savings are being achieved by customers when compared to other fuels. Given a positive market response, GASCOP plans to complete the expansion of the existing station by installing two new dispensers and a compressor in April. The station is currently equipped with four nozzles.

Station gas supply is via truck from the nearby CNG station in Talara, Piura.

More than 400 vehicles have now been converted to CNG in the city, primarily taxis. Incentives for growing natural gas vehicle (NGV) numbers included offering 300 conversion vouchers, each for USD 300.

Planning has commenced for the construction of another two CNG mega stations, in Chiclayo and Piura, each of which will consist of 8 nozzles, able to serve fuel simultaneously, and 4 high-speed compressors.

“We have already carried out the purchase of land in both cities and are working on permits with the objective of these mega filling stations meeting market demand for all vehicles including inter-provincial transport of buses and trucks. The increase of fuelling facilities is expected to promote further vehicle conversions and the benefits of natural gas,” said GASCOP’s general manager Edgar Ivan Sanchez.

Sanchez stressed that GASCOP is a pioneer in the development of natural gas for industrial and vehicle market in the north of Peru, mainly in the regions of Piura and Lambayeque. The company has one CNG station in Piura and also serves the plant in Motupe Backus.

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