Gascop Confirms Details for New CNG Megastations

| Peru, Lima | Source: Andina

Gas Comprimido del PerĂº (Gascop) has confirmed its intentions to build two compressed natural gas (CNG) megastations in Peru, according to an Andina report. One of the stations will be constructed in Chiclayo, Lambayeque, in the northern coastal plain of Peru. The other will be built in Piura, in Peru’s northwest.

Edgar Sanchez, Gascop general manager, says the Chiclayo station will be built on 4,000 sq.m in an area designated for a future transport terminal. The stations will comprise eight dispensers and three high-speed compressors.

Gascop will also expand its existing refuelling station in Chiclayo in the third quarter of 2011, providing total refuelling capacity of 2,000 natural gas vehicles per day. There are apparently about 550 public service vehicles currently converted to CNG in the area, with that number expected to grow to 1500 by year end.

Work on the Piura station is already underway, reportedly scheduled to commence operations in the third quarter 2011.

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