Gas Natural Fenosa Opens LCNG Station in France

| France, Castets

Gas Natural Fenosa LCNG Station opens in Castets, FranceGas Natural Fenosa has opened its first filling station in France to offer both Compressed (CNG) and Liquefied (LNG) natural gas to the public, and commercial and municipal fleets. Commissioned in September 2014, the station will be operated by Gas Natural Fenosa and will supply about 100 tons of LNG per month. It is located in Castets, in the Department of Landes in Southwestern France (north of Bayonne).

Ideally located along the Atlantic corridor (A63) , the station enables carriers to source fuel for journeys north to Europe and south to Spain and Portugal. One of the key clients will be Transports P. Mendy, a French transportation company based in Benésse-Maremne, through which the 63 passes, and which is credited with establishing the first fleet of LNG-fuelled trucks in France.

All carriers having previously contracted with Gas Natural Fenosa will have access to the station. A contract does not necessarily mean a volume commitment but obtaining a specific card linked to a driver or a vehicle, and which consumption will be billed monthly at maturity.

LNG is an energy source that is much cleaner than conventional fuels. The nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 80%, CO2 emissions are reduced by 15% and engine noise emissions are halved. Vehicles using LNG as fuel can meet the Dutch PIEK certification scheme for operating under 60dB, making them suitable for use in night time deliveries without causing noise disturbance.

Gas Natural Fenosa, a multinational energy company and supplier of natural gas in France since 2005, has diversified into offering natural gas as an economical and ecological alternative fuel for transportation. The company has a network of 38 service stations of which 8 are LNG / LCNG.

(Source: Gas Natural Fenosa)

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