Gas Natural Fenosa and City of Murcia Inaugurate CNG Station

| Spain

Murcia's new CNG Station ready to embrace NGV growth.

Multinational energy company Gas Natural Fenosa and the City of Murcia in Spain’s south-east have joined forces to promote sustainable mobility by opening a service station for vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) in the hamlet of Era Alta. The new facility consists of two CNG compressors of 1,000 m3/hr and three twin jets, capable of refuelling more than 500 vehicles a day.

The new facility will be used first by the fleets of Cespa, the firm responsible for municipal waste collection and cleaning of the city; Disfrimur, goods distribution company based in Murcia; Murcia and Water. IN the future, public transport bus fleets may switch to natural gas fuel also, using the same station for refuelling.

Gas Natural Fenosa is the leading distributor of compressed natural gas for vehicles in Spain, with 24 stations and a potential supply load exceeding 685 GWh / year. That’s enough to supply 12,500 to 25,000 cars or taxis. CNG stations are primarily serving buses, waste collection companies and fleets.

Given the company’s success with supplying natural gas to passenger transport and waste collection fleets for more than a decade, and the current economic competitiveness of natural gas compared to oil, Gas Natural Fenosa is undertaking an implementation plan of charging stations for compressed natural gas in large Spanish cities. Compared to diesel fuel and gasoline respectively, savings of 30% and 50% are achieved.Thus, CNG may reach a wider audience.

The use of compressed natural gas contributes to improving air quality in cities, as it reduces nitrogen oxides and particulate matter (>85%), major pollutants that affect human health, and CO2 (20%), the main greenhouse gas. Furthermore, the CNG reduces noise pollution, with the natural gas vehicle reducing engine noise by up to 50%

The mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara, and the Director of Mobility Solutions, Gas Natural Fenosa, José Ramón Freire, officiated at the opening of Murcia’s CNG station on July 17.

(This article compiled using information from a Gas Natural Group press release)

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