Galileo Virtual Pipeline™ streamlines Manhattan Beer CNG Refueling

| USA, New York NY

Galileo for Manhattan Beer VST2-w-MAT-B Manhattan Beer Distributors (MBD), one of the main beverage distributors in Metro New York, is refueling 25 of its tractor fleet with compressed natural gas (CNG) delivered by Virtual Pipeline™. The mobile station technology, employed by Mobile Fueling Solutions (MFS), has been developed by Galileo Technologies of Argentina.

“Simply not having our drivers drive off-route to fuel our tractors is a great convenience for us, and MFS has been reliable and professional from the start,” said Juan Corcino, Manhattan Beer Fleet Manager in the last MFS release.

“The main advantage of our Virtual Pipeline relies on its VST-2™ trailer, which is equipped with a CNG container that houses a hydraulic compressor and a dispenser. These features allow the trailer to run as a mobile station with a fuel stock of CNG higher than 700 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) [about 2500 cubic meters (m3)]”, explained Luis Pereira, President of MFS.

“This innovative system, engineered and manufactured by Galileo Technologies, allows us to extend the scope of the current infrastructure of CNG stations and to fill tractors right at their fleet yards. For the solution we have designed for MBD with the support of Verdek, one of Galileo distributors in North America, we take the CNG from a station owned by Elizabeth Gas in Union, NJ, which is 40 miles away from the MBD’s site,” summarized Pereira.

(Source: Galileo Technologies)

(Galileo Technologies is an NGV Global Sponsor Member)

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