Galileo Joins NGV Industry Leaders as NGV Global Sponsor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires
Galileo Gigabox at one of the Buscaracas ation-of-Buscaracas passenger stations.

Galileo Gigabox at one of the Buscaracas passenger stations.

Galileo, Argentinean developer and manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressors and fuel dispensers, has joined a special group of natural gas vehicle (NGV) industry leaders as NGV Global’s latest Corporate Sponsor. The work of NGV Global, as the international association for the industry, is made possible and indeed more effective by the growing support received from such high profile companies.

Galileo’s product portfolio includes a wide range of compressors and pumps for vehicles and vessels; boosters for gas pipelines; and the Virtual Pipeline® system, for gas shipment by road being able to reach remote communities and industries without pipeline network connection. Based in Argentina, Galileo exports and provides ongoing assistance to customers in 65 countries in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia.

Galileo is refuelling a growing number of public transport buses in the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas. Two installations, each with a CNG Gigabox® packaged compressor and two EMB-50-1-D double-hose dispensers, are located at fuelling stations operated by PDVSA-Gas to service the passenger stations of “Los Ilustres” and “Las Flores”.

Due to the minimum area occupied by the installed equipment there is no need of explosion-proof enclosures, hence their deployment at the ends of Line 7 of Buscaracas, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). The stations jointly service 120 fleet vehicles.

Galileo EMB 50-1-D dispenser at Buscaracas

Galileo EMB-50-1-D dispenser at Buscaracas

Each CNG station, maintained as a private facility for Buscaracas, has a 350 kw gas engine that provides 2,800 m3 flow per hour with built-in capacity to service three times the current fleet size. While the Galileo system Gigabox system can refuel a bus in 3-4 minutes, on-board bus equipment currently slows this to 12-14 minutes. Nevertheless, buses avoid excessive refueling downtime because it takes place right at the bus stations.

The Gigabox® has an “MX 400” compressor, and a Galileo ColdBox® and storage battery of 3,000 liters to optimize the buses fueling capacity. While the Coldbox® cools the CNG before sending it to the vehicle, thereby maximising fuel load for each bus, the storage battery absorbs demand peaks.

Among the refueled vehicles, there are thirty Buscaracas articulated buses of 18 meters length, 30,000 kg weight and with capacity for 160 passengers. These buses fill up 100 m3 of CNG allowing them to complete, without intermediate refills, the trip along 13 stations that have a daily ridership of up to 120 thousand users. The other buses using the CNG service are 11.8 meter buses carrying 80 passengers.

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