GAIN Clean Fuel Adds 12th CNG Station in USA

| USA, Appleton WI

GAIN Clean FuelU.S. Oil is well on its way to building a planned 50 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations within three years across the USA, creating an alternative fuel network for fleets and private drivers. It has now partnered with FST Logistics, a full service logistics company, to build a GAIN® Clean Fuel station in Columbus, Ohio, for FST’s CNG fleet and for public access refueling. It is U.S. Oil’s twelfth CNG station.

“The partnership with FST Logistics is very exciting, as we are able to develop a new fueling location for its fleet operations, saving both fuel and labor costs,” said Bill Renz, General Manager of GAIN® Clean Fuel. “This location at the intersection of I-70 and I-270 in Columbus is ideal for CNG fleet growth and fits perfectly into our long-range strategic plan.”

The station will be built to support FST Logistics as the company continues to develop its CNG fleet. Dave Kent, President of FST Logistics, cites energy costs and the environment as the key factors in the decision to team up with GAIN. “We’re extremely excited about the potential of our partnership,” he said. “It will allow us to remain competitive over the long term, especially when factoring in fuel costs for our fleet. Another important benefit is CNG reduces emissions and helps contribute to a healthier environment.”

FST Logistics currently has 15 vehicles in its fleet capable of CNG conversions, with new orders for 20 tractors and 8 other vehicles in the next twelve months. The company seeks to convert all of its fleet as more CNG stations are developed throughout the country. “The team at GAIN Clean Fuel are the experts in the CNG field,” Kent said, “We will lean on them for support as we work to reduce the cost of fuel which is the second-largest expense we have as a company.”

In June, U.S. Oil opened a CNG fleet and public refueling station in Green Bay, Wisconsin, built to support the trucking firm Klemm Tank Lines which has 12 new CNG trucks on order and plans to expand it alternative fuel fleet over the next few years.

(Source: GAIN Clean Fuel)

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