G.E.T. Launches World’s Largest CNG Mother Station in Thailand

| Thailand

GETPack Easy Type 2-318 Mondular Units

Hong Kong-based G.E.T. Worldwide Ltd., a provider of customized CNG business solutions, has custom-designed the largest private mother station in the world for SAKOL Energy Co. of Thailand. Located in Saraburi, a central province of Thailand, the maximum capacity of the station is 720,000 Sm3/day of CNG, providing exclusive refilling service to the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT). In the G.E.T. design, there are 6 Italian made GETPack Easy Type 2-318 modular units equipped with skid-mounted 2-RH2/4 turnkey compressors (3 stage 4-cylinders). With individual unit capacity of 5,000 sm3/h, the mother station is capable of delivering 30,000 sm3/h. With 12 filling point in rotation, the station can fill up to 12 trailers per hour.

The RH compressor series is a vertical reciprocating compressor developed exclusively by G.E.T. in cooperation with the Italian Engineering University of Florence and Politecnico di Milano.

“The advantage of a fully load tested skid-mounted turnkey compressor is to ensure shortest installation time once the unit is properly grouted and connected with gas,” said Mr. Pietro De Faveri Tron, General Manager of G.E.T. Worldwide.

CNG trailer units being filled for distribution to daughter stations

“As the oil price approaches USD 100.00/barrel, and [with] the fear of unstable supply of oil, we believe more and more countries will develop CNG networks to replace gasoline. Thailand set a good example of developing CNG in the past 10 years. We believe the Middle East and South East Asia regions will be the next Thailand in the coming 10 years.” said Mr. Simon Chow, Managing Director of G.E.T. Worldwide.

(This article compiled using information from a G.E.T. Worldwide Ltd press release)

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