FuelMule an Onsite Fueling Solution for Fleets in USA


Ultimate CNG’s mobile CNG refueller – the “FuelMule” (Image: CleanCities)

Ultimate CNG, LLC, a U.S. company recently established to develop solutions to barriers preventing private fleets and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers from switching to natural gas fuel, has produced the “FuelMule” — a mobile, self-contained compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station that delivers fuel to fleets when and where they want it.

Built on a dedicated CNG Freightliner chassis, reports Fleets & Fuels, the FuelMule features an ANGI reciprocating gas compressor and enough Type III Dynetek cylinders (in an Agility Fuel Systems package) to hold 700 diesel gallon equivalents of compressed natural gas. It has two dispensers that can furnish four DGEs per minute at 3600 psi simultaneously with separate electronic metering.

Ultimate CNG says the FuelMule delivers onsite fast-fill fuel without the need to choose a land-based site and invest heavily in fixed infrastructure. “Quite simply, no matter where you build a permanent CNG station, it’s in the wrong place for 90% of the potential vehicles,” says Pick’s partner, Ultimate COO Brian Fimian. “Fleets economically cannot, and therefore will not, drive more than a few miles out of their way to get their fuel.”

The FuelMule carries enough fuel to refuel 35 to 50 medium to heavy duty vehicles. Taking delivery of the vehicle in Munroe WI, Fimian drove through several states to reach Tampa FL, with the intention of providing CNG for a fleet of CNG-powered shuttle buses provided by ANGA to service the Republican National Convention last week. The journey of some 1372 miles (2208 kms) was completed without stopping for refueling, accomplished by the FuelMule self-fueling on the road.

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