Free CNG Conversions for Affiliates of Bolivian Chamber of Industry

| Bolivia, La Paz

Bolivia Agreement re CNG Conversions Apr 2013The Implementing Entity for Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), under the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, last Wednesday signed an institutional agreement with the National Chamber of Industry of Bolivia for the free conversion to Compressed Natural gas (CNG) of fleet vehicles belonging to that institution’s affiliated industries. The agreement establishes the co-operation of both institutions for the increased use of CNG as a primary fuel.

The Chief Executive of EEC-GNV, Hernan Vega, said that the signing of the agreement contributes to the change of the energy matrix being carried out by the national Government , thereby reducing demand for liquid fuels in the country.

The Convention establishes that both institutions undertake to work together in the preparation of work plans and schedules as well as the socialization of the benefits of the free conversion to CNG.

Also, the Chamber of Industries of Bolivia (Cámara Nacional de Industrias  – CNI) will develop a database with the types of vehicles from the fleet of its affiliated companies; deliver to the EEC – GNV folders for vehicular conversions; provide the facilities necessary to develop the necessary logistics for the implementation of the Agreement on the framework of the Work Plan; and report back to the private sector the scope of the Program of Vehicle Conversion.

The use of CNG in vehicles generates a saving of over 50% from beneficiaries, reduces environmental pollution and contributes to the reduction in the use of liquid fuels in Bolivia.

The free conversion includes the conversion kit, CNG cylinder as well as payment of authorized repairers.

(Source: Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy)

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