France’s Kiloutou Selects Stralis NP 460 for Sustainable Logistics

| France: Trappes | Source: IVECO France

Stralis NP460 for KILOUTOUThe Kiloutou Group, an international equipment rental company based in northern France, has just added five IVECO Stralis NP 460 natural gas tractors to its fleet to deliver on-site equipment. It is the first company in the sector to offer in its logistics fleet of delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fueled vehicles.

This investment complements the actions launched by the renter as part of its CSR policy, such as the optimization of deliveries and stocks and a constant replacement of its fleet of less energy-consuming trucks.

The Stralis NP 460 is an ideal vehicle for truly sustainable transport, both environmentally friendly and economical. Equipped with the 460hp IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine, it offers a range of over 1,600 kilometers. Extremely quiet, with guaranteed sound emissions below 71dB, it can operate in the city center day and night, promoting the well-being and respect of city dwellers.

In terms of environmental performance, it guarantees a reduction of 99% of particulate matter and 90% of NO2 compared to Euro VI standards. The reduction of CO2 emissions can even reach 95% when fueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) / biomethane. On the other hand, thanks to all fuel-saving IVECO technologies, the Stralis NP improves fuel consumption by 15% and reduces the total cost of operation by 9% compared to an equivalent diesel vehicle.

Tested by the most prestigious magazines in the sector, the Stralis NP 460 has received numerous awards such as the “Low Carbon Truck” in 2018, and more recently the “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2019” award promoted by Vado e Torno magazine.

Natural gas is thus recognized as the most successful, most available and least polluting alternative to diesel technology that can be used in response to current environmental problems.

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