France’s ID Logistics Receives First Bio-CNG Trucks

| France, Cavaillon

ID Logistics Bio-CNG Iveco Trucks At the Forum des Solutions Ecoresponsables – Logistique Froid Innovation, an event held this week in Essone devoted to ecofriendly initiatives for innovation in the cold chain, IVECO formally handed over the keys to ID Logistics’ first two trucks running on Bio-CNG. Bio-CNG is a compressed natural gas derived from fermenting biomass, which sets it apart from extractive fossil fuels.

Receipt of these two trucks fits with the Group’s ongoing drive to reduce the CO2 emissions of its road haulage activities. These two IVECO Stralis NP road tractors running on Bio-CNG are the first 400hp trucks to be delivered to ID Logistics.

With their large cab and automated transmission with 12 gears, the trucks combine a high level of drivability with low fuel consumption. With a total capacity of 920 litres, the 8 CNG tanks provide range autonomy of over 500 km. They are powered by the new Cursor 9 gas engine that emits practically no particles and has gained Piek’s Quiet Trucks certification at 71 db(A). As a result, they will help to safeguard the population’s health and living standards in the Paris region.

They are capable of transporting a 28-tonne payload, and since they run on Bio-CNG (recovered from waste), their carbon footprint is guaranteed to be smaller than that of a small city car.

Six more road tractors will join the fleet over the next few weeks. They will all be assigned to operations in the Paris region for Carrefour, one of ID Logistics’ longstanding clients, for which the Group is rolling out this new fleet running on Bio-CNG, to provide an ecofriendly sourcing and distribution solution.

By year-end 2017, 20% of ID Logistics’ fleet will run on natural gas for vehicles, which includes CNG, Bio-CNG and LNG.

(Source: ID Logistics)

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