France’s Altrans Group buys Natural Gas Powered IVECO Stralis NPs

| France: Hambach and Slovenia: Ljubljana

Iveco Stralis for Altrans in FranceFrench logistics and storage company Altrans has confirmed its commitment to sound environmental practice by acquiring twenty IVECO Stralis NP natural gas powered trucks for its operations. “With these vehicles, we are also responding to a growing demand from our customers who want clean transport and therefore vehicles that emit as little pollution as possible,” says Christophe Hoffmann, General Manager of the Altrans Group.

“The Altrans group has been committed for several years to an environmental approach that aims to significantly reduce CO 2 emissions. That’s why all our vehicles meet the latest standards. With these Stralis NPs, we are taking a new step and taking advantage of existing or future installations to renew our fleet with gas vehicles,” says Christophe Hoffmann,

Fourteen Stralis NP will be assigned to Saint Quentin-Fallavier near Lyon, benefiting from the proximity of the gas refueling station located there. Four other Stralis NPs will be based in Lens, again benefiting from an existing facility. Two Stralis NPs will go to Hambach where a biogas plant is being installed in Sarreguemines, a few kilometers from the Altrans headquarters.

Thanks to IVECO’s natural gas engine, particulate levels are negligible and NOx emissions are 60% lower than the Euro VI limits on long-haul missions. The reduction of CO 2 emissions can be increased to 95% when the vehicle is fueled with biomethane fuel, offering the most virtuous use of the field to the wheel. Certified “Piek Quiet Truck – 71 dB”, its noise pollution is halved, allowing quiet operation in urban areas – especially at night. Its record-breaking range of nearly 1600 km enables very long distance operation, guaranteeing performance and respect for the environment.

Source: IVECO – an NGV Global Associate Member

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