Fourteen Volvo LNG Trucks for Netherlands Logistics Provider

| Netherlands: Ermelo | Source: Harbers Trucks

St Van Den Brink Volvo LNG TruckHarbers Trucks, a full service Volvo Truck Commercial Vehicle dealer in the Netherlands, has supplied St van den Brink with fourteen Volvo LNG trucks for its logistics fleet. With this, the transport company from Ermelo underlines its focus on sustainability and innovation.

The order consists of 12 Volvo FM LNG 4 × 2 tractors with 420 hp and two Volvo FH LNG 4 × 2 tractors with 460 hp. There are several reasons for choosing LNG trucks, explains owner Alex van den Brink. The purchase contributes to the company’s goal, formulated in 2008, to reduce CO 2 emissions by at least 20%.

“We only have one earth. And we have to be careful with that”, explains owner Alex van den Brink. “The CO 2 emissions from trucks Volvo LNG is 20% lower as compared to diesel trucks so it fits perfectly with our ambition. Another reason for choosing LNG trucks is that we distinguish ourselves from other transport companies. More and more customers value this. For example, we use four LNG trucks for Baars & Bloemhoff, a national supplier in high-quality decorative interior plate material. They think it is important from the point of view of corporate social responsibility to make transport more sustainable.”

Alternative Powertrain Incentives
Van den Brink also points out the financial benefits for alternative powertrains. “The recent termination of the excise tax return was a damper, but luckily it now seems that the regulation is being continued in one form or another. In Germany you do not have to pay a Maut with an LNG truck and in the Netherlands there will be a kilometer charge for trucks in a few years. I expect you to pay less with an LNG truck. ”

Drivers are also enthusiastic about the driving comfort and performance of the Volvo LNG trucks. The fact that the trucks are powered by an engine that uses the diesel principle without compromising on driving characteristics, efficiency and reliability is an important reason for Van den Brink to opt for Volvo’s LNG solution. “This sets Volvo apart”, says Van den Brink.

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