Foton Medium-Duty CNG Trucks to Sell Through Green Dealerships in US

| USA, Ft Worth TX

US automotive retail group EVCARCO, Inc. has decided to sell compressed natural gas (CNG) powered Foton MD 3000 medium-duty class 3-5 trucks at its green auto dealerships. The MD 3000 and LD1000 are versatile for multi-use applications and are equipped with cargo delivery bodies. The vehicle’s chassis and Euro-style cab design allows for easy multi-conversions for uses such as street sweepers and refuse collection. EVCARCO says the truck will allow businesses and municipalities to have an environmentally friendly, domestically produced clean natural gas solution for all of their truck needs.

Mack Sanders, CEO of EVCARCO, stated, “The MD 3000 and LD1000 CNG powered truck will allow our green auto dealerships to enter the commercial sales arena with a high quality versatile environmentally friendly medium duty truck, DOT compliant and with a full warranty. We expect to receive the first CNG powered Foton 3000 next month. Government support and mandates, which have been the key to the adoption of natural-gas vehicles in the U.S. recently, has confirmed our vision. Our team has worked diligently for some time with the manufacturer’s distributor on the development of this project and we are pleased with the results.”

This item primarily compiled using information from an EVCARCO, Inc. press release.

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