Fortistar Acquires Vocational Energy

| USA, White Plains NY

US energy supplier Fortistar and its new affiliate, TruStar Energy LLC, a compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure provider, has acquired a majority interest in Vocational Energy, a company involved in CNG fuel station engineering, design and construction. TruStar Energy will continue the existing construction business of Vocational Energy and expand into offering long term fuel supply agreements to companies wishing to convert their transportation fleets to CNG.

The significant increase in the domestic supply of natural gas and the resultant price decline has become a game changer for a number of industries, including transportation.  The economic and environmental advantages of converting transportation fleets to clean burning CNG are now very compelling.

TruStar Energy will provide “one-stop-shopping” for companies wanting to convert their transportation fleet to CNG by offering long term fuel supply agreements to customers from TruStar owned facilities as well as constructing customer-owned fueling stations.

The Company will also be able to take advantage of Fortistar’s supply of biomethane (landfill gas) offering a renewable component to the fuel supply.

A future division is expected to provide operations and maintenance services to owners of CNG facilities.

Adam Comora, President and CEO of TruStar Energy said, “We are extremely pleased to be acquiring Vocational Energy and to be able to provide one stop shopping for customers looking to convert their fleets over to clean burning CNG.”  Comora continues, “We look forward to deploying the necessary capital to address this growing industry’s infrastructure needs.”

(This article compiled using information from a Fortistar press release)

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