Florida CNG Stations Untroubled by Hurricane Irma

| USA, Kissimmee/Tampa FL
CMD-equipped CNG Station Operates through Irma

Monitoring cameras show heavy wind and rain

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, up to 75% of Florida lost power when Hurricane Irma made her devastating track across the 400-mile state. But Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations in Tampa, Kissimmee and elsewhere in the State remained operational with minimal damage and uninterrupted supply.

“We have systems in hard-hit Tampa and Kissimmee,” said CNG Project Manager, Rock Petit.  “Both were in operation during hurricane Irma.  At all times the compression equipment was available to provide gas.  Vehicles were able to fuel once trees were cleared from adjacent roadways.  No repairs were needed for the compression equipment.”

“Our top priority is keeping our customers’ stations up and running for uninterrupted fueling service for drivers,” notes Brad Schmoll, Business Development Manager.  “Our systems are designed for robust performance even in extreme weather, and our monitoring service ensures that stations are watched 24/7 and any issues are quickly resolved.”

CMD CNG Energy Solutions, a division of CMD Corporation, has supplied CNG equipment to NGV stations throughout the United States and Canada.

Source: CMD CNG Energy Solutions (adapted from press release)

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