Florida CNG Refueling Infrastructure on the Rise

| USA, Fort Pierce FL

Fort Pierce FL CNG Station for OpisAmerican CNG Energy, LLC is planning its newest own-brand Opis Energy CNG station to be built at Fort Pierce, Florida. Construction will commence in June 2016 and Opis has officially executed a contract with the local utility company to bring a 4” natural gas line to the station. While it will be the only public CNG station in the area, that situation is expected to be remedied soon as interest in natural gas fuel continues to surge in the State.

The station will be located at the Port Consolidated truck refueling station in Fort Pierce, FL off interstate 95 (I-95) and highway 68, a major pit stop and refueling station mecca for truck fleets traveling through the state of Florida.

The next closest public CNG refueling center is approximately 90 miles south in Pompano Beach, also an Opis station. Located off I-95, the Opis stations will help connect truck fleets from Jacksonville to Miami and American CNG Energy believes even more CNG stations will pop up throughout Florida.

“Florida is not far from having the necessary infrastructure that will allow truck fleets to travel the entire state without the fear of running out of CNG. Our new CNG station is just another step towards that mission” said Julio G. Macedo, CEO of American CNG Energy.

This station is the second to be built by American CNG Energy, and their plans don’t stop there.

“The market for CNG is continuing to grow as more and more truck fleets are converting to cleaner alternative fuels. We plan to further this movement by expanding our CNG business drastically within the next five years, with plans to build over 20 more stations throughout Florida, Georgia, Texas and California” stated Macedo.

American CNG’s Operating Partner, Jeff Greene of Wise Gas, has been actively building CNG stations across Florida and Georgia. The Fort Pierce station will become the 11th station Greene has built. Both Greene and Macedo see their partnership as a long term joint effort to expand the CNG refueling station network in multiple states.

American CNG Energy is the Capital Partner and Holding Company for Opis Energy. American CNG will be teaming up with Opis Energy and Wise Gas to build the next 20 future stations.

Port Consolidated is an owner and operator of 12 diesel stations throughout the state of Florida and recently began partnering with American CNG and Wise Gas to bring CNG to their stations.

(Source: American CNG Energy)

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