First Order of ME-GI Dual-Fuel Marine Engines in Japan

| Japan, Tokyo
Configuration of the ME-GI Propulsion System

Configuration of the ME-GI Propulsion System

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has received the first order in Japan of the electronically-controlled gas injection marine diesel (ME-GI) engine, Kawasaki – MAN B&W 8S50ME-C8.2-GI. The order is for two units that will be installed on two pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) with a capacity of 3,800 vehicles for United European Car Carriers (UECC), a Norwegian shipping company.

These PCTCs will be built at Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (NACKS) in Nantong, China, and will go into service in 2016.

The ME-GI 8-cylinder dual-fuel marine diesel engine has a rated output of 11,000 kW and can use heavy fuel oil and LNG as fuel. When running on LNG, it can dramatically improve SOX emissions compared to the conventional oil-fired 2-stroke diesel engines, and it also will be considerably more efficient in reducing CO2 than the conventional type diesel engine.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is set to introduce stringent emissions regulations targeting air pollutants and greenhouse gases such as SOX and CO2, for application in Europe as well as around the world. Kawasaki will continue to expand business opportunities for ME-GI engines as one of the next generation marine engines which can satisfy emissions control regulations coming into force worldwide.

(Source: Kawasaki heavy Industries, Ltd)

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