Finnish Biogas Statistics 2014 Published: Transport Use Dominates Growth

| Finland | Source: University of Eastern Finland

Gasum CBG-CNG filling station

Within the last decade transport use of biogas has grown 5400-fold in Finland. In 2013 transport consumption grew by 168 %, whereas electricity production decreased by 5 % and heat production decreased by 1 % compared to previous year. Raw biogas production increased by 2 %.

All upgraded biogas (biomethane) was produced from biowastes (liquid biowastes 75 %, solid biowastes 25 %) and all was consumed in vehicles. Upgraded biogas was not used for power and heat production.

The report author, Ari Lampinen, explains that in 2014 upgrading capacity has tripled. Currently there are 9 upgrading plants enabling over 100 GWh of annual production, and there are plans for over 10-fold increase of the capacity by 2017. Of the 9 upgrading plants 3 inject into national gas grid and 6 into local biogas pipeline. In one upgrading plant also CBG containers for truck transport are utilized.

There are 24 public biogas filling stations operated by 7 companies, 75% of which are operated by Gasum, a state company. All stations sell CBG100, i.e. 100 % compressed biogas. There are plans for 20 new filling stations by 2016.

Blends of biogas and fossil methane are not available in the Finnish market. Price of CBG100 in public stations varies between EUR 1.205 and 1.505 per kg (USD 1.53 – 1.91 ); gasoline equivalent liter price is EUR 0.80 – 1.00 ( USD 1.02 – 1.27). All biogas sold for transport originates from biowaste.

There are no public LBG stations, but private filling stations and mobile filling stations offer both CBG and LBG.

As the report is written in Finnish, an English summary is given here: Finnish biogas statistics 2013-2014.

News about the publication of University of Eastern Finland, with a link to a summary is found at

(Source: University of Eastern Finland)

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