Finland Commits to Path of Renewable Natural Gas

| Finland, Helsinki

In Finland, the government has adopted a National Energy and Climate Strategy that names biomethane (renewable natural gas (RNG)) as a key component in the implementation of ambitious energy and climate goals. The Strategy calls for increased biogas production and use in the coming years and for biogas to increasingly take a more central role as a transport fuel.

Finnish gas supplier Gasum is pleased that the Strategy recognizes the important role of gas in the transition towards a carbon-neutral society: a new national energy and climate strategy provides guidelines for Finland’s energy and climate goals and EU obligations. Furthermore, the Strategy aligns with Gasum’s objective to develop the Nordic eco-gas and biogas market.

The use of emission-free, renewable energy is planned to rise by more than 50 percent in the 2020s will rise by more than 50 per cent. This will be achieved, inter alia, by increasing the production and use of biogas, thereby developing a growing Finnish business.

Gasum explains the Board of Energy and Climate Strategy focuses on the important role of biogas in reducing emissions from transport. The aim is that by 2030, Finland will have at least 50,000 gas-powered cars, which will improve energy efficiency of both passenger and freight transport. Gasum is committed to the development of the gas filling station network, and the company will build 35 new filling stations during the next ten years.

The Strategy takes into account the possibilities for the production of biogas in the future for use by maritime transport forced to adopt environmentally friendly fuels following tighter restrictions on sulfur and nitrogen emissions set for 2020. Gasum says liquefied natural gas (LNG) is already providing significant reduction of emissions, and it also meets all maritime emission limits which will come into force in the coming years. LNG infrastructure and LNG vessels are able to use liquefied biogas without additional investment.

(Source: Gasum)

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