FIBA Diversifies to Type IV Carbon Composite Trailers with Light Store

| USA: Littleton MA | Source: FIBA Technologies

FIBA Technologies - Light Store trailerFIBA Technologies, Inc., an American-owned manufacturer of gas containment equipment and services, has acquired Light Store, a California-based manufacturer of Type IV composite vessels. The acquisition allows FIBA to continue to diversify its product line and offer one of the most innovative gas storage solutions available on the market today.

Light Store launched their composite pressure vessels in 2016 in a high capacity gas transport module that incorporates these ultra-lightweight and low-cost carbon vessels. Light Store was granted a special permit by the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) based on testing per ISO 11515/ISO 11119 and by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

“The unique partnering between Light Store’s carbon fiber composite technology and FIBA’s 60+ year track record of manufacturing trailers with ISO 9001 quality standards, will make this a product our customers can count on,” said Chris Finn, Director of Sales at FIBA. He continued “Our new Type IV product will transport nearly 0.5 Million SCF of compressed natural gas in a package that is safer and more reliable than existing high payload trailers on the market today.”

The first Type IV trailer will be shipping from FIBA December 14th. For more information, visit

FIBA Technologies is a member of NGVAmerica.

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