Fiat Introduces Grand Siena CNG to Brazil

| Brazil: Sao Paulo | Source: FCA Brazil

Fiat Grand Siena Attractive CNG Fiat has introduced the Grand Siena 1.4 to the Brazilian marketplace. Equipped with flex-fuel motorization and factory-prepared for driving with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the vehicle is offered with original one-year warranty for fifth-generation CNG kits installed by INMETRO-certified converters, which Fiat says is an unprecedented and exclusive advantage that makes the Grand Siena the most cost-effective sedan on the market.

The Fiat Grand Siena Attractive 1.4 is the only vehicle available on the market which comes from the factory with a CNG-ready engine factory. The model is renowned for its versatility, combining large internal space and a 520-liter trunk (which further optimizes the installation of gas cylinders). Among the modifications, the engine head has valves and valve seats that are produced with more resistant material and new geometry, ensuring durability and reliability. The suction manifold was designed to receive the gas injection nozzles in the correct position. This brings more safety and greater efficiency for the conversion because it improves the delivery of fuel to the engine and the formation of the combustible air mixture. These modifications guarantee the useful life of the engine as well as prevent a greater depreciation of the vehicle for those who choose to use CNG.

Fiat Grand Siena CNG boot storageLaunched from R$ 54,990 (USD 14,000), the new Grand Siena, which has already been appointed as the sedan with the best maintenance cost, has one of the lowest expenses per kilometer driven in the market and allows the recovery of the amount invested in the CNG Kit in up to six months (based on a running-in of 3,000 kms per month and depending on the price of fuels). Among the highlights is the advantage of maintaining the original factory warranty. In the New Grand Siena, it is one year for the total vehicle and three years for the engine when the sale is through the Fiat Dealer Network.

The new Grand Siena Attractive 1.4 also offers a competitive package of standard equipment, which includes air conditioning, hydraulic steering, front electric windows with one-touch and anti-smash sensor, lane change (auxiliary function for activating the arrows indicating lane changes), on-board computer, radio predisposition, limit alerts and programmed speed maintenance, and ‘follow-me-home’ parabolic headlights.

Design Brief

The new Grand Siena was developed by Fiat to meet the needs of a growing and demanding public: drivers who use the vehicle as a working tool and need to travel long distances every day in complete comfort and safety.

FFiat Grand Siena CNG gas fuel systemGiven Brazil is now the sixth largest holder of gas reserves in the world, there is also a push to increase the utilisation of natural gas fuel, leading to an expansion of the natural gas distribution network throughout the country.

“The Grand Siena is already an established Fiat product, especially among professionals. The new Grand Siena Attractive 1.4, prepared from the factory for the installation of the gas kit while maintaining the original warranty after installation, makes it even more attractive by offering the lowest driving cost per kilometer among vehicles of its category and price range,” says Herlander Zola, Head of Brand Fiat for Latin America and commercial director of the brand for Brazil.

Fiat introduced the earlier version of the Siena, the Grand Siena Tetra Fuel, in 2012 as a model unique to the country.

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