Ferus Opts for Natural Gas HD Tractors

| Canada, Calgary AB

LNG-powered Peterbilt 367 joins the Ferus fleet

Calgary-based Ferus Inc., a cryogenic solutions provider owned by Canada’s Energy and Minerals Group, has put into service what it claims to be the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered heavy-duty tractor in the province of Alberta. The Peterbilt 367 with 15.0L Westport GX dedicated natural gas engine will operate exclusively in the oilfield services sector of Alberta’s energy industry transporting liquid nitrogen to energy industry customers in the central Alberta corridor.

“At Ferus, we pride ourselves on being innovators of new technology”, said Richard Brown, President & CEO of Ferus.  “With lower emissions, substantial cost savings and an abundance of local supply, we believe that natural gas is the future of transportation fuel in North America and we are excited to be on the leading edge of this conversion”.

Tractor units such as the one being used by Ferus, store natural gas in liquid form in specialized LNG fuel tanks (220 gallon capacity) where the product is ultimately converted back into a gaseous state for combustion in the engine’s cylinders.   With a range in excess of 700 km, these 475 horsepower Class 8 units can adequately support the need to haul products to energy industry customers throughout the province, a market traditionally serviced by conventional diesel tractors.

The benefits of converting to LNG as a primary transportation fuel are numerous including:

  • significantly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and particulate matter,
  • substantial fuel cost savings compared to diesel, and
  • support for the North American natural gas industry with its abundant supply of clean-burning, environmentally friendly  natural gas.

Ferus intends to add additional units to its operations in the coming months with the ultimate goal of converting its entire transportation fleet to run on natural gas.

(This article compiled using information from a Ferus Inc. press release)

(Editor note: Calgary is hosting a natural gas conference on March 21, Fuel Forward: Propelling Transportation with Natural Gas, that will explore the future of natural gas as a transportation fuel.)

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