Fausto Maranca (1937 – 2015) Leaves a Champion’s Legacy

| Argentina

Fausto MarancaIt is with great sadness that we farewell Senor Fausto Maranca, who passed away on March 2. Acknowledged as an NGV Global Champion in 2012, he served several terms as President of the Argentine NGV Association (CAGNC) and was one of the most important figures in the Argentine NGV Industry. He was also founder and president of GNC Galileo (now Galileo Technologies).

Senor Fausto Maranca was born in Florence, Italy in 1937. He moved to Argentina in 1948.

In 1970 he began working with Galileo, a company where he started as an electronics technician and reached the position of President and Executive Director. Under his leadership Galileo has become one of the major stakeholders in the worldwide NGV Industry.

Fausto was one of the key players in the success of the Argentine and South American NGV Programs. He became a member of Argentina’s CNG committee under the Secretary of Energy, which led to the successful launching of the National Plan of Liquid Fuels Substitution for gas in the 1980s.

He was founder of the Argentine CNG Association in 1986, and presided over it for several terms. During his presidency, CNG National Standards were issued, setting technical and safety standards for widespread adoption. Subsequently, he took part in the Committees of Standards of Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela and advised YPFB from Bolivia and the World Bank to launch CNG in Bolivia. He also consulted to the World Bank on CNG public transportation in Mexico, in 1990.

He was nominated as an NGV Global Champion in 2012 by CAGNC for his constant dedication over several decades to spreading the use of CNG in Argentina and abroad.

NGV Global’s Board and Members join Fausto’s colleagues and friends at CAGNC, Galileo and the global NGV industry, in saying farewell to a leader and champion. The tribute published by Galileo says it all:

“Widely known as an honorable person and an eager promoter of CNG as a vehicle fuel, Fausto Maranca leaves an everlasting legacy for all industry players currently running the business around the world. We will always remember him with great respect and affection as a unique human being and as an example of passion, work and honesty.”

Outside of his professional career, Fausto had many interests. He was an outstanding musician (trumpet and flügel horn) who led a popular jazz ensemble, and a very good tennis player.

He is survived by his wife Ana, his four children and many grandchildren.

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