Faber Achieves 0.75kg/l for CNG Type 1 Cylinders

| Italy: Cividale del Friuli  | Source: Faber Industrie Spa

Faber CylinderFaber Industrie Spa (Faber), Italian producer of seamless steel and composite cylinders, explains weight is becoming more and more important for on-board CNG applications as the Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) strive to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. A typical Type 1 CNG cylinder from Faber boasts a weight efficiency as low as 0.84 kg/l at 200bar working pressure, which can be further enhanced to 0.75kg/l by using advanced high strength steel grade.

Concurrently, OEMs are pursuing a trade-off between weight and robustness of the tank, particularly when the cylinder is mounted on the underside of the body. This makes Faber’s Type 1 cylinder currently one of the world’s most appreciated and adopted products in the CNG vehicles’ market.

Of the several million seamless steel cylinders manufactured throughout the world each year, only a handful are produced via the most efficient route, viz. the “Plate Route”. And Faber says the vast majority of such plate manufactured cylinders originate with them.

This cold processing route, which maintains a very tight positive tolerance over the wall thickness requirements, governed by the appropriate design, exceeds all other manufacturing routes (available at Faber) such as those cylinders from a billet and the grossly overweight cylinders made from a tube. For the latter, a poor weight efficiency, usually well above 1kg/l, often results.

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