Evergas Orders Series of Medium Sized LNG-Fuelled (Dual-Fuel) LNG Carriers

| Denmark, Copenhagen

Evergas, a seaborne transporter of petrochemical gases, has signed contracts for the design & construction of a series of DRAGON 27500cbm Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers with Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (SOE). SOE will be cooperating with Wartsila and Wartsila Oil & Gas Systems (previously Hamworthy) for the supply and installation of the dual-fuel engines, LNG fuel system and gas plant system on the vessels.

The vessels, of an entirely new design, have been developed in-house by SOE’s design department together with Evergas. They are to be delivered from SOE’s Qidong construction base which will also design, engineer and fabricate the LNG cargo tanks.

Wang Jian Ping, CEO of SOE says: “Our strategy has for long been focused upon being first movers into the medium size LNG segment where we expect to see great demand for bulk breaking operations, marine fuel transportation and short haul regional distribution. With the cooperation and trust of Evergas we have truly executed this new strategic direction of our business.”

CEO of Evergas, Martin Ackermann, explained to NGV Global News that his company has a clear ambition to continuously improve its services and set new standards for efficient and sustainable gas transport at sea.

“With the Evergas green Company profile, the selection of a dual-fuel powered vessel where both main and auxiliary engines are able to run on LNG and Oil, seems very natural for us. Considering the vessels trade in and out of ECA areas and the increased international focus on fossil fuels and emissions, it was obvious for us to seek in the direction of a very environmental friendly vessel that would be able to cope with both the known and the expected increased international environmental legislation”, Ackermann said.

Ralph Juhl, VP Fleet said: “We obviously considered all the issues that have been raised and discussed in the shipping industry, for and against natural gas as main fuel for vessels. We found that many of the concerns raised were something that we could manage. For example, based on discussions with various parties it is obvious that the supply of LNG as bunker fuel will mature, especially in USA and Europe. We know that our selected four stroke dual-fuel engines from Wartsila are well tested and proven operationally reliable with a record of more than 700 successful installations. Finally we have experienced and professional crews onboard that are familiar with safe gas-handling procedures and possess the know-how to maintain gas on-board systems.”

The vessels are designed with a range of innovative features specifically tailored for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient operations. The LNG dual-fuel propulsion and the optimized ECO hull design will significantly reduce emissions, and the ballast water treatment system will protect the marine environment. To document the green vessel profile the vessels will receive Clean Ship Notation, Green Passport, EEDI compliance, NOx and Tier III compliance.

The innovative DRAGON 27500 LNG vessels will be delivered to Evergas from 2015 onwards.

(This article compiled using information supplied by Evergas)

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