European Future Sustainability Report Includes CNG-LNG Transport Fuel Objectives

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(Image: Gasunie)

A new report from Europe discusses what needs to be done to establish a sustainable gas market in Europe. The reader Fuelling the Future – towards a sustainable gas market in Europe reflects discussions held in June 2012 during a industry and policy debate organised by gas infrastructure companies (Denmark), Fluxys Belgium and Gasunie (The Netherlands). While the focus is primarily on gas transmission and energy networks, attention is also given to natural gas as a transportation fuel.

At the occasion of this debate a Joint Declaration was signed, aimed at establishing a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their networks in 2050. Gasunie, Fluxys Belgium and agreed to work together in various  areas to realise their joint commitment to the green gas system.

Included are the following specifically fuel-related objectives:

  • Gasunie will unlock the potential of LNG for the transport sector through making LNG available as a clean fuel for small/mid-sized ships and heavy duty trucks.
  • Fluxys Belgium will focus on developing small scale LNG in the transportation sector (trucks, ships) and developing CNG in the transportation sector (cars, trucks).
  • will work towards ensuring that certificates can be used in the transport sector. It will also facilitate developments that ensure that Danish gas consumption in 2050 will rely only on renewable gasses. This requires integration between the power, gas, heating and transport systems.

There is strong emphasis on the need to develop cohesive international policy to support the development of sustainable energy solutions.

The Declaration states: “With these strategic actions, Gasunie, Fluxys Belgium and will – through their gas infrastructures – promote a more sustainable Europe and proactively work together to reach this goal.”

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Gasunie press release)

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