EU Supports Study to Address Barriers to Implementing LNG-Fuelled Shipping

| Brussels, Belgium

EC LogoLNG for the maritime sector closer to reality

The European Union will support a study aimed at identifying and addressing the potential barriers to the construction and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuelled vessels, with over €1.2 million (USD $1.63 million) from the TEN-T Programme. 

The project, which was selected for funding under the 2011 TEN-T Annual Call, will examine the technical requirements, regulations and environmental operation permits that need to be met in order to shift from traditionally fuelled engines to LNG. LNG is rapidly emerging as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuel for the maritime sector and its uptake is encouraged by the European Union.

Specific aspects related to the manufacturing, conversion, certification and operation phases of a LNG fuelled vessel will be analysed. These results will be exchanged with other ongoing LNG-related projects as well as with the European Maritime Safety Agency. The project will be implemented in a partnership with stakeholders consisting of ship-owners, cargo owners, LNG suppliers, ports and marine equipment manufacturers.

The project, set to be completed by the end of 2014, is yet another step toward gassifying European marine and road transportation. Recent developments include new EU Rules on Cleaner Fuels for Shipping, and the launch of an EU Clean Fuel Strategy to Propel Refuelling Infrastructure Development.

For more information, please consult the TEN-T project page.

(This article compiled using  information from a Europa press release)

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