EU Marine Strategy Includes LNG Refuelling Infrastructure

| Belgium, Brussels

Atlantic Europe (source: wikipedia)The European Commission has this week adopted a “Maritime Strategy” Action Plan to revitalise the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic Ocean Area, intended to create sustainable growth in coastal regions for the EU’s Atlantic Member States while preserving environmental and ecological stability. Amongst the ideas to be considered for EU financing in the new programming period 2014-2020 is facilitating the upgrade of infrastructure, such as equipping ports with liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling capacity.

The Plan will contribute to the EU’s “Blue Growth” strategy (IP/12/955) and is consistent with the Commission’s focus on regional collaboration to encourage sustainable growth and create jobs.

The Action Plan now encourages the Atlantic Member States (Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom) to work together: to share information, costs, results and best practices, as well as generating ideas for further areas of cooperation. The Plan will now be passed on to the European Parliament and the Council for endorsement.

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(Source: Europa)

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