EU Funds France-Spain LNG Bunkering Study

| France & Spain

TEN-T_France-Spain_Bunkering_2012-eu-21006-sThe European Union will support with just over €1 million from the TEN-T Programme a series of studies to analyse the potential introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in Spain and France. The studies, selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T Multi-Annual Call, aim at determining the feasibility of implementing LNG bunkering facilities in the Port of Roscoff (northwest France) and the Port of Santander (northern Spain).

They take into account the conformity of the infrastructure and equipment with the standards for risk prevention, environmental protection and the eventual constraints, revealed by the impact assessments and the public inquiries.

LNG is rapidly emerging as a more environmentally friendly fuel for the maritime sector and its uptake is encouraged by the European Union. The European market for LNG for maritime transport is presently limited and infrastructure to cater for the small-scale supply of LNG is almost non-existent.

The findings of these studies will be an essential decision making tool for:

a) the ferry operator, to start the construction and the retrofit of LNG vessels
b) port authorities in Roscoff and Santander that will be able to plan the design and the implementation of LNG bunkering stations
c) the authorities in charge of the public passenger transport in Cantabria

The project will contribute to the development of the Atlantic “Motorways of the Sea” (TEN-T Priority Project 21) concept as a wider benefit action, serving all the shipowners operating in the region and looking into synergies of different transport modes.

The TEN-T budget represents 50% of a total budget of €2.082 million.

(Source: Innovation and Networks Executive Agency)

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