EPM Describes Rally Racing with Natural Gas as ‘Awesome’

| Spain, Barcelona
EPM's Mitsubishi flies above Vidreres gravel.

EPM’s Mitsubishi flies above Vidreres gravel.

Last weekend EPM Gas Motorsport put its Compressed Natural Gas powered Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X through its paces at Vidreres Rally, round 6 of a series of motor rallies in Spain. The EPM Lancer is the only natural gas vehicle competing in the series that takes place every year in the Catalonia region.

The race was eligible for Catalan Rally Championship points and for the Gravel Championship also, with a Road Book composed of 136.7 km, of which 73.5 km were in special stages.

The special stages rolled out in two parts: the first was Caulès with its 17 kilometers of technical pure driving, close hairpins and spectacular jumps. The second stage was Vidreres-Maçanet, a test with 7.5 kilometers of special stage made especially for spectators and designed next to the HQ rally village. Car number 6, driven by Carlos Marcos and co-driver Lluís Pujolar, completed three runs through these stages.

Lluís Pujolar explained “The experience of codriving a rally car powered by natural gas is incredible; there aren’t too many opportunities to do that, so I am pleased to collaborate in this project with EPM Gas Technology”.

Cervera Leridana

The EPM CNG-powered car applies power at Cervera Leridana

Round 5 was held in Cervera Leridana where the racing team was equally pleased with the powered delivered by CNG. Carles Pujolar, director of Girona-based PUJOLARacing which collaborates with EPM Gas Technology on the project commented, “The truth is the performance of this vehicle is awesome; when you see it go through the sections you can not imagine that this is a vehicle propelled by natural gas since the engine has amazing power curves. For us its reliability is also an added plus because the gas feed system is never the source of problems.”

(Source: EPM Gas Technology)

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