EPM Adds 10th CNG Station, More Planned for Aburrá Valley

| Colombia, Medellín

EPM CNG Station opening Feb 2014, ColombiaEmpresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), a public utilities company in Colombia’s second largest city, has opened its tenth own-brand station for natural gas vehicles (NGV), located in the south of the Aburrá Valley. In 2013, 4,323 vehicles were converted to CNG, bringing the number of CNG vehicles in the Aburrá Valley to 47,834 and thereby reducing air pollutants in the area by about 56,000 tonnes.

EPM operates workshops in partnership with Autofrancia, Eurogas Gasexpress, Gasinyección and Suragas, where users can request system installation, maintenance, annual re-certification of safety and five-year re-certification. It is estimated that 8% of city vehicles operate on CNG.

Currently under construction in front of the University of Medellin in the Belén sector, a new EPM station will exclusively serve the Metroplús BRT system. Furthermore, with the arrival in June of 50 natural gas-dedicated waste collection vehicles for Emvarias service, an exclusive filling station will also be built to supply trucks with CNG.

The company now services natural gas fleet vehicles of UNE, ESU, Emprestur, Emvarias and Metroplus and feeder basins, serving a total of 287 dedicated buses.

EPM’s short-medium term objective is to expand the coverage of CNG stations for the municipalities of Antioquia and Valle de Aburrá. By 2015, it is expected that the own-brand stations will amount to 20.

(Source: EPM)

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