Enforced CNG Cylinder Compliance Commences 1 June in India’s NCT

| India, Delhi
IGL reminds owners of compliance requirement

IGL reminds owners of compliance requirement

In the National Capital Territory (NCT) of India, which includes New Delhi (the capital of India), Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and other cities and towns, drivers of natural gas vehicles have until June 1st to meet new compliance requirements. If vehicles do not display authorised compliance plates, no fuel will be dispensed. Delhi gas distributor Indraprastha Gas Limited has issued notices reminding people of the impending compliance date.

All authorised retrofitment centres and all fuel station operators have been advised by the Transport Department of Govt. of NCT of Delhi (Circular 12 Feb 2013) to ensure that all privately owned vehicles using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) have compliance plates fitted. Those entities failing to examine for compliance may have their business license revoked.

IGL Complaince Notice (full view)_1Jun2013A compliance plate is issued when a vehicle has an authorised cylinder for gas storage and must be located near the CNG refuelling point. The plate includes a CNG cylinder identification number, date of installation, water capacity (litres), date of last re-test, vehicle registration number and name of the agency issuing the compliance plate. Cylinders are approved for 5 years in accordance with Gas Cylinder Rules 2004, after which they are to be hydrotested.

The compliance plate is intended to make this re-testing requirement more accountable. Up until this time it has been the responsibility of the vehicle owner and user to ensure that cylinders are periodically tested.

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