Energtek Develops Gen-2 Hyboost Devices

| USA, New York NY

New York based Energtek Inc., natural gas solutions and Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology provider, has developed a second generation of its Hyboost devices.  The new line enables operating the Hyboost over a wider technological spectrum, while providing significant economic savings at the same time.

Energtek’s “EN-Hyboost” is a compact, light device for transferring natural gas from one high pressure vessel (200-250 bars, or 3000 psi) into other high-pressure vessels (also 200-250 bars, or 3000 psi), without the usage of cumbersome, heavy and expensive conventional compressors.

“The significance of Prof. Ginzburg’s latest breakthrough is that our mobile natural gas transportation system will be able to cover more distance and service more end-users in the same trip, thus saving costs,” said CEO Energtek, Mr. Yoav Krill.

“There are many diversified applications for the EN-Hyboost worldwide, each of them enabling cost, space and weight optimization and savings,” said Professor Yuri Ginzburg, Energtek’s Chief Technical Officer.  “It is now possible to employ the Hyboost with mobile daughter CNG stations based on any surface vehicles (road trailer, semi-trailer, trucks, railroad trains, ships, etc), carrying the gas to NGV (natural gas fueled vehicles) or daughter stations.”

(Source: Energtek)

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