Endesa Inaugurates First Public Access CNG Station in Paris

| France, Paris
Endesa Sigeif CNG Station

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Paris has its first public-access fast-fill Compressed Natural Gas filling station. Opened November 24th by the president of the Ile-de-France Region and president of STIF (the transport syndicate of the Paris region), Valérie Pécresse and other dignitaries, the station is located in the Autonomous Port of Paris, in Bonneuil-sur-Marne. 

The inauguration is the result of an agreement signed last April between Endesa and SIGEIF (the association of town councils for the management of gas and electricity in Ile-de-France), which comprises 185 mayors’ offices from the metropolitan area of Paris, to supply gas for public and private transport in the area.

Covering an area of 4,000 m2, the CNG station has two dispensers and built-in capacity to extend this to four, that is, able to fast-fill four trucks simultaneously. It will be open every day 24/7.

The Endesa station opening attracted significant interest.Accompanying Monsieur Pécresse were the General Manager-Marketing at Endesa, Javier Uriarte; the president of SIGEIF, Jean-Jacques Guillet; and the general manager of GRDF (the largest French gas distribution Company), Edouard Sauvage.

This project forms part of Endesa’s strategy of investing in gas as an alternative fuel for heavy vehicles, with the aim of reducing contamination levels in urban areas. As part of its ambitious plan for building natural gas refuelling infrastructure in France, the company intends to roll out three more public gas stations for heavy vehicles in Vannes, in the Brittany region, Saint-Etienne in the region of Auvernia-Ródano-Alps and in Vitrolles in the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region, during 2017.

Endesa points out that CNG is a fuel that, unlike petrol, reduces the emission of particles by 95%, SOx emissions by 100% and NOx emissions by 65%. BioCNG, methane from renewable sources (RNG), enables CO2 emissions to be reduced by 90%. Apart from the environmental benefits, CNG enables savings on fuel and maintenance costs to be reduced. With an autonomy that can exceed 500 km in heavy vehicles, CNG is the alternative to diesel for transporting goods by road.

(Source: Endesa)

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