Emterra Environmental Opens Third CNG Fleet Fuelling Station in Canada

| Canada, Victora BC

Emterra Environmental, an Emterra Group company, has officially opened its third state-of-the-art compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station, which is also its second Emterra station in Victoria, British Columbia. The CNG fuelling station is a key part of Emterra’s new capability to provide recycling collection services to the Capital Regional District (CRD)’s 13 municipalities and local businesses, with cleaner-burning, quieter-running, CNG-fuelled collection trucks. Together the 16 new trucks and CNG fuelling station represent an $8 million investment in the CRD.

“Over the years of service these new trucks will help us cut carbon emissions in the CRD by an estimated 2,800 tonnes,” said Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO of Emterra Group at the grand opening where he explained CNG-fuelled trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20% compared to diesel-fuelled engines. “That will contribute significantly to the CRD’s and the province’s climate control targets.”

To add to the GHG emission reductions achieved by their own fleet of CNG-fuelled trucks, Emterra is opening the refuelling facility to the public, allowing other CNG fleet owners and operators to conveniently refuel there and encouraging still more to convert to lower-emission CNG options.

“This will allow other third party fleet operators and owners in the region to realize the cost savings of using CNG instead of diesel, as well as the environmental benefits, without having to invest millions of dollars in their own fuelling infrastructure,” Leung said.


Emterra CNG station, Chilliwack

This is the third of four CNG fuelling stations that Emterra is establishing in Canada. The first opened in 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Emterra opened the second in Chilliwack in May of this year and the fourth CNG station will be opened in Mississauga, Ontario later this month. This makes Emterra one of the leaders in adopting cleaner running CNG technology to help make its operations more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“We’re blazing the trail in building CNG fuelling stations for our own CNG fleets because we see the economic and environmental benefit of it. But we’re also improving the environmental health of BC by opening up this station for use by other CNG fleet owners and operators and members of the public,” Leung said.

Emterra’s partner in building and operating the Victoria and Chilliwack facilities is California-based Clean Energy Fuels, which has a division in Chilliwack called Clean Energy Compression (formerly known as IMW Industries) where it builds CNG compressors that are exported around the world.

“We applaud Emterra for its leadership in providing access to cleaner natural gas for vehicles in the Fraser Valley and CRD areas. Natural gas as a transportation fuel can provide environmental and economic benefits for fleets of all sizes,” said Iain Johnstone, Regional Manager Canada for Clean Energy Fuels.

The CNG fuelling stations contribute to the BC Ministry of Natural Gas Development’s Natural Gas Strategy, including developing new markets for natural gas to increase the value of BC’s natural gas and promoting use of natural gas as a climate solution and to the BC’s Climate Action Charter goals.

(Source: Emterra Group)

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