Emirates Transport Stimulates CNG Conversions

| UAE, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Transport CNG ConversionEmirates Transport (Emirates General Transport and Services Corporation), a government entity for organising and managing transport and maintenance services for the benefit of various federal and local government agencies and private sector institutions, is to conduct a series of Compressed Natural Gas conversion workshops. The training program is aimed at encouraging increased conversion of vehicles from diesel or petrol to natural gas in an effort to cut carbon emissions,

According to The National online news service, Emirates Transport has eight workshops planned, six in the Northern Emirates and two in Abu Dhabi.

To support the transition, Emirates Transport also plans to have 25 operational CNG gas stations by the end of the year, Mahir Al Sayed Ali, manager at the Abu Dhabi Technical Services Centre of Emirates Transport, reportedly said. At present, there are 16 CNG gas stations in Abu Dhabi, four in Sharjah and two in Al Ain.

Converted vehicles will have bi-fuel capability, able to switch between CNG and conventional fuel. Emirates Transport is offering three cylinder sizes to suit vehicle requirements: 50 litres, 65l and 75l.

The National also reported that since 2010 the authority has converted 3,350 vehicles including 2,000 taxis to CNG from petrol in Abu Dhabi. 150 vehicles have also been converted to CNG in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

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