Emirate of Sharjah Taxis to Convert to CNG

| UAE, Sharjah | Source: Khaleej Times

Sharjah Transport Taxis (2008)In Sharjah, the largest city and seat of government of the emirate of Sharjah, UAE, Sharjah Transport Corporation (STC) is planning to convert its 4,800 cab fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG). As many as 1600 conversions are expected in the first of two stages for the project, over the next two years reports the Khaleej Times.

Director-General of Sharjah Transport Abdullah Al Zari reportedly stated, “The remaining 3,200 cabs of the other cab franchise companies (Emirates, Union and Citi) will be (converted) to gas starting from 2015,” adding that three CNG refueling stations will be built. The first of these, located close to STC headquarters, is nearing completion.

The project, in line with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP, L’Union internationale des transports publics) agreement for sustainable development, is aimed at reducing transport-related emissions in the emirate.

According to the report, “Studies show that Phase-1 of the scheme (1,600 cabs) will help drop annual carbon dioxide emissions by 52 tonnes in comparison to 160 tonnes by the end of Phase-2 of the project (4,800 cabs).”

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