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Emerson 2-Color LogoMicro Motion Coriolis – the Meter of Choice for CNG and LNG Dispensing

Emerson Automation Solutions offers field-proven Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters for a wide range of LNG, CNG and LPG applications, from basic flow measurement to precision measurement in challenging applications. With over 100,000 installations worldwide, the Micro Motion CNG050 meter for compressed natural gas (CNG) and CMF meter for liquefied natural gas (LNG), are the meters of choice for the leading dispensing manufacturers.

Retail dispensing of alternative vehicle fuels is a fast growing industry that not only includes LPG, CNG and LNG, but now includes alternatives such as compressed hydrogen gas for fuel cell and combustion vehicles. To support this developing market, Emerson has participated actively in the U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) for hydrogen measuring standards, since its inception in Oct. 2007. This group has developed the first national standard for hydrogen gas measuring devices to be used for vehicle fueling and the NCWM (National Conference on Weights and Measures) voted to adopt this in July 2010. Emerson believes that this is the first standard of its type to be officially adopted anywhere in the world.

Micro Motion CNG050 CNG meter – designed for CNG fuel dispensing.

Micro Motion Meters are accurate and reliable

Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis meters offer excellent mass flow measurement accuracy and, because the meter has no moving parts, ensure increased system reliability, maximum operating uptime, and minimal operating cost. A single device can supply flow rate, density, and temperature information allowing operators to monitor LNG and CNG state during filling without the need for separate devices or offline sampling. Micro Motion direct mass flow measurement eliminates the need for the separate fluid density compensation required by traditional volumetric technologies. This reduces costs and measurement uncertainty while simplifying installation. Additionally, Micro Motion meters are not impacted by flow profile, eliminating the need for straight pipe runs or flow conditioning devices, enabling compact and efficient skid based metering designs.

MID Certification saves time and money

MID Certification means that when these compact flowmeters are used as a component of a complete measuring system, such as a fuel dispenser, it is not necessary for the dispenser manufacturer to type test and certify the devices – saving both time and money. Independent validation confirms that the Micro Motion factory calibration transfers directly to LNG and other cryogenic applications. This eliminates the requirement to establish methods of verifying calibration performance on cryogenic fluids as is necessary with alternative, volumetric metering techniques. Emerson is a world-leading supplier of process automation products, technologies and services that help companies increase plant availability, improve quality and reliability, and maximise profitability.

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