Electrabel Opens CNG Fuel Station for Trucks in Belgium

| Belgium, Brussels

Belgium: ENORA CNG station opened Oct 2015ENORA, a consortium founded for the development of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Belgium and Luxembourg by Electrabel, G & V Energy Group and IDETA (a government agency supporting SMEs), has inaugurated a new CNG station in Zellik (a suburb on the northwest edge of Brussels) in the presence of Ministers of Energy and Mobility. The station will allow the loading of trucks and contemporary vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the center of Brussels. This is the third ENORA inauguration of 2015.

The opening of this new service station lies in the context of ENORA seeking to become a major player of natural gas for mobility in these two countries with plans to operate 25 to 30 CNG service stations by 2018. Four other projects are currently being developed and several are under study. A new station will be operational in Ollignies (Woelingen) in the town of Lessines – near the E429, from November and permits have been introduced for Mouscron, Jemappes and Mont-sur-Marchienne.

Electrabel is 100% owned by ENGIE (formerly known as GDF Suez). Its involvement in natural gas for transportation furthers the company’s commitment to the development of more environmentally respectful fuels. The company currently operates five CNG stations in Belgium.

In Europe, motorized transport accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. However, cars with natural gas emit fewer fine particles and are quieter. If the CNG accounted for 20% of all energy sources for road transport in Europe, global CO2 emissions can be reduced by 5% Electrabel explains in its press release. The station will enable vehicles to reduce fine particulate emissions by 97% and CO2 emissions by almost 30% compared to gasoline.

It contributes directly to achieving the ambitions of the Flemish Government, namely the introduction of 40,000 vehicles to CNG and the opening of 300 stations by 2020.

It is noteworthy that a full 20kg of natural gas provides sufficient energy to travel about 400 km at a cost of approx. 20 euros or € 0.05 / km (USD 22.70 or $0.06 / km), which is 30% cheaper than diesel

(Source: Electrabel)

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