Ekblom Holds Slender Lead Before Final Event of 2011 STCC

| Sweden

Biomethane power outperforms competitors in the 2011 STCC.

With one race to go, driver Fredrik Ekblom of Team biogas.se holds the lead by a mere two points in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC). Driving one of three VW Motorsport Scirocco GT24 powered by biomethane, Ekblom drove to a second and seventh place finish in the two heats at Ring Knutstorp in Skåne to secure his first-place position in the individual competition.

“The results of the competition are in our hands,” said team captain Tommy Kristoffersson, who also had the satisfaction of seeing team member and son, Johan Kristofferson, climb the podium with a third-place finish in the second heat. Johan recorded a fifth in the first heat in his debut season with Team biogas.se.

Unfortunately, Team biogas.se lost its lead in the team competition and is now four points behind Polestar Racing. The team rankings are calculated based on Fredrik Ekblom and Patrik Olsson’s results, and Olsson didn’t have luck on his side in Skåne. He was forced to leave the first heat with a motor that was running on only three cylinders, and he placed tenth in the second heat.

“Not good,” admitted Olsson, “but we’ll take them in the final.”

Kristofferssson is placed 10th on the championship table and Olsson is 11th.

The last race of the 2011 STCC will take place at Mantorp Park on 23-24 September.

(This article compiled using information from a biogas.se press release)

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