Education the Key for CNG First Responders

| USA, Midland TX

Freedom CNG StationGetting it right for first responders when attending a road vehicle incident in the Permian Basin region of Texas was the focus of a series of free natural gas vehicle and station awareness trainings conducted by Freedom CNG last week. Nearly 100 attendees from Midland Fire Department, Midland County Sheriff, and Texas Department of Transportation attended the training.

Freedom CNG, a member of NGVAmerica, builds, owns, and operates fast fill, truck-friendly CNG stations for public and private fleets in Texas. Since 2011, Freedom CNG has opened three Houston-area CNG fueling stations and one in the Permian Basin.

Freedom CNG-2 Apr2017Attendees learned about compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and stations, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and pipeline damage prevention.  The 4-hour training included classroom instruction, a CNG vehicle refueling demonstration, and a station tour at Freedom CNG’s station, located at 7400 CR 116 in Midland, Texas.

Eddie Murray, Freedom CNG, notes “More than 9,500 CNG vehicles are traveling our Texas highways.  With more vehicles, there are more stations and a greater need for education.”  Murray continues “We want first responders to be familiar with our station and the different types of natural gas vehicles traveling the roads.  These awareness trainings are not only good for the first responders but for our community.”

(Source: Freedom CNG)

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