EBDG Gains ABS Approval in Principle for LNG Bunker Barge Design

| USA, Seattle WA)

EBDG EB-2000 LNG Bunker Barge designOn February 27th of this year, Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG), a Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering firm, obtained approval in principle (AIP) from classification society American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for the design of a 2000 cubic meter liquefied natural gas (LNG) combination bunkering barge.

“At ABS our goal is to help designers, shipyards, and operators bring new and novel concepts to the marketplace in a safe and effective manner,” said ABS Director of Global Gas Solutions Roy Bleiberg. “The EBDG combination bunkering barge takes an innovative approach to meeting the challenges of LNG bunkering, a hurdle that must be crossed for LNG fueled operations to become truly effective in the United States.”

Stated EBDG Project Manager, Curt Leffers: “We are excited to obtain ABS approval in principal on our bunkering barge design. Our 2000 cubic meter design is the basic platform that can be customized to meet our customer’s operational and cargo capacity requirements.”

The EB-2000 LNG is one of several LNG barge designs developed by EBDG for clients to meet growing demand for efficient and cost-effective refueling of LNG powered vessels. The innovative 257 ft. EB-2000 was designed for either an ATB (articulated tug and barge) or towed configuration, and features a marine diesel fuel cargo tank for refueling dual-fuel vessels.

(Source: EBDG)

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