Dutch Truck Report Highlights Opportunities for Natural Gas Fuel

| The Netherlands, Utrecht

Netherlands_Truck of the Future Report (TNO)The ‘Truck van de Toekomst’ (tr. ‘truck of the future’) program initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has delivered its report to the government, drawing on the findings of project members including research organizations, manufacturers of clean vehicle technologies and logistic companies. Ten completed grant projects, carried out in the Netherlands between 2010 and 2014 by 34 transport companies, shows that there are good opportunities for hybrid drives and natural gas as alternative fuel.

Despite the low diesel price at this moment, the business case is increasingly positive. This is one of the conclusions in the report Fuel savings and CO2 reduction in the year 2016, prepared by TNO.

The aim of the program ‘ Truck of the future ‘ has been to help vehicle owners in effectively applying energy and fuel-saving measures. Providing entrepreneurs with the right information will enable effective decision-making regarding alternative fuels such as renewable natural gas. Included in the study is information on mono fuel LNG and CNG, LNG and CNG dual fuel and driving with hybrid trucks. Potential CO2 reduction, the business case and user experience are evaluated in practice.


Truck of the Future is one of the building blocks in the transition to a more sustainable transport sector. The road freight contributes significantly to the total CO2 emissions. Therefore, opportunities for fuel savings and CO2 reduction is important.

The report is available from Rijkswaterstaat Environment (Dutch only).

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