Dublin, Ohio Adds CNG Snow Ploughs to Fleet

| USA, Dublin OH

Dublin snow plow cng Jul2015In the US State of Ohio, the City of Dublin is gearing up for winter with the acquisition of four new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) -powered snow ploughs. “These are our first CNG powered snow plows and will bring the total number of CNG vehicles to 63,” said Darryl Syler, Fleet Manager at the City of Dublin. “Currently in our fleet we have a total of 22 snow plows. We will continue to replace our older fleet of snow plows with the CNG trucks.”

The City first started its conversion to CNG in the fall of 2011 with the construction of the City’s CNG fueling station that was completed in June 2012. At that time, the City rolled out 41 CNG trucks, two Fusions and one Transit van.

Each year during Fleet’s replacement cycle, the City purchases a number of CNG trucks. Through a partnership with IGS Energy of Dublin, the City also sells CNG to the public. In 2014, Dublin’s station pumped 441,000 GGE’s of natural gas.

The City of Dublin’s Fleet Management is an ASE Blue Seal Shop with all of the Technicians being Master Technicians and Alternative Fuel Certified.

(Source: City of Dubin, Ohio)

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