Dual-Fuel Transporter Commences Yangtze River Trials

| China, Wuhu City

Kunlun Energy and Wuhu Energy Development of the Marine Bureau have commenced trials of the first LNG/diesel dual-fuel vessel on the Yangtze River as part of the “Green Logistics Innovation Project of the Yangtze”. The dual-fuel transport ship measures 75 metres and has full load displacement of 5,000 tons. It is equipped with 15 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas storage tanks, enough for travelling 4000 km. The vessel will replace approximately 75% of its diesel usage with natural gas and is expected to average fuel cost savings of about 25%.

Early trial results have found that, compared with conventional diesel engines, the use of dual-fuel engines can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%, sulfur dioxide emissions by 80% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 40%.

The project conforms to the State Council’s “smooth, efficient, safe and green” modern inland waterway system requirements.

This article primarily compiled using information from a Kunlun Energy press release.

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