Dual-fuel Systems Distribution Agreement Supports Eastern Canada Fleets to Switch to Natural Gas

| USA: New Hudson MI and Canada: Ayr ON

Hiller's dual-fuel conversionsIcom North America, a New Hudson MI-based manufacturer and distributor of patented alternative fuels systems to the Americas, and Hiller Truck Tech of Ayr, Ontario have signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Icom Dynamic CNG/diesel and LNG/diesel Dual Fuel Systems for Eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern Provinces.

The Icom Dynamic Systems are powered by Ecomotive and utilize advanced componentry from Icom and Blackstone. Icom has been manufacturing and distributing alternative fuel systems for OEM’s and the aftermarket for the North America market for 15 years with over 150 dealers across North America. Icom leads the industry with approximately 350 EPA Certifications and a number of CARB Certifications.

Hiller is the premier distribution/installation/service point in Eastern Canada for CNG/diesel and LNG/diesel Dual Fuel Systems. Hiller’s has been on the cutting edge of supplying, installing and servicing dual-fuel systems to fleets in eastern Canada to assist them with minimizing fuel costs and reducing emissions.

Albert Venezio, President of Icom: “We are very pleased with our new agreement with Hiller Truck Tech. They are the leader in supporting Heavy Duty CNG and LNG fleets in eastern Canada. Hiller has been an excellent Icom Distributor/Dealer for over three years for our alternative fuel systems for light-duty vehicles and heavy-duty fleets. This partnership facilitates the expansion of the Icom Dynamic CNG, LNG and RNG Systems for diesel trucks and equipment to fleets across all of eastern Canada. Hiller is setting-up dealers (installation and service points) across eastern Canada.”

David Hiller, President of Hiller Truck Tech: “With over 20 years in the diesel truck and equipment service industry I saw a huge need for reducing fuel costs and emissions with my fleet customers. We have been deep into CNG/diesel and LNG/diesel Dual Fuel Systems and fueling stations for the past four years and tried most all of the other system technologies with the Icom Dynamic System by far the leader as regards to performance, diesel displacement and emission reductions.”


Hiller’s uses a small fleet of Natural Gas trucks to work with its customers that allows them to test and demo CNG Trucks.  They built their own Fast Fill CNG Filling station that allows them to fuel trucks and train customer in the use and benefits of CNG.  They are also a certified Warranty Service Centre for Agility Fuel Systems specializing in servicing, installing and maintaining high pressure fuel storage systems.

Many of Hiller’s customers operate their equipment hauling heavier loads than 80,000 lbs. The ICOM dual-fuel CNG kit runs these trucks at half the diesel while keeping the same power and fuel economy, a great way to reduce cost and reduce emissions.

Source: Icom North America

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