Dual-Fuel HD Vehicle Trial Opens Door in Greece

| Italy, Serralunga di Crea

Ecomotive Solutions - Cylinders on DAF 2015In 2014 Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company and specialist in engine recalibrations, succeeded in transforming a first truck in Greece into a dual-fuel (natural gas + diesel) vehicle thanks to its d-gid platform, opening up a new market for natural gas in the country. After careful assessments of operating results obtained on the road in the months following conversion, Greek marble quarrying company FL Group Kiriakidis has now chosen to convert 17 other vehicles to dual-fuel.

The project will also see the creation of a refuelling station at a company location, as well as a second station for refuelling mining machinery. At present there are just 5 natural gas refuelling stations throughout Greece.

Through its distributor in Greece, Natural Gas Technologies, Ecomotive Solutions went to work in 2012 on an all-inclusive vehicle + in-house refuelling project to convert trucks into dual-fuel vehicles. The trial truck, a DAF XF 105 460 CV EURO 5, has demonstrated 24% fuel savings (based on the price of diesel fuel in Greece at the end of January).

The 1200-litre diesel fuel tank has been replaced by a 400-litre diesel tank and 8 70-litre cylinders for CNG that ensure a range in dual-fuel mode of about 600 km.

The application of the d-gid system does not change in any way the nature of the diesel engine while maintaining the same initial performance and efficiency. When CNG is lacking, the system automatically switches back to working with 100% diesel fuel.

The d-gid dual-fuel system is approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport for application on heavy duty vehicles up to the Euro 5 category and road tests are currently in progress for application on Euro 6 engines.

(Source: adapted from an Ecomotive  Solutions press release)

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